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GCTM: Global Chemistry Transport Modeling

There are several models being developed and used in ACD for global chemical transport modeling.

The Model for OZone and Related chemical Tracers (MOZART) is a global 3-D chemical transport model, driven by offline meteorological fields, that has been developed at NCAR, the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, and NOAA/GFDL. MOZART-3 includes tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry and MOZART-4 is particularly suited for tropospheric and air quality studies.

CAM-Chem is a version of the NCAR Community Earth System Model coupling the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) with chemistry (such as MOZART-4). There are two versions of CAM-Chem, one with fully coupled chemistry and climate, and one that reads analyzed meteorological fields (GEOS-5).

The Whole-Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) includes the MOZART-3 (stratospheric) chemical mechanism and is particularly suited for studies from the upper troposphere through the mesosphere.


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