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MOZART-4 is now available to the community.


The MOZART-4 description paper has been published in Geoscientific Model Development [Emmons et al., 2010].


Terms of Use

The source code for MOZART-4 is available to the community, with the following terms:

Computer Requirements and Performance

MOZART currently runs on a variety of platforms. For standard, multi-year simulations at 2.8x2.8 (T42) resolution, you will need access to a supercomputer with large amounts of disk space and/or tape storage (~200 GB). Short, or coarse-resolution, simulations or reduced-chemistry versions may be run on Linux workstations. Typically, MOZART is run on computers such as bluefire (IBM multi-processor systems) at NCAR.

MOZART-4 has been tested on computing platforms ranging from a single cpu on a desktop machine to more than one hundred cpus on a state of the art supercomputer. Whereas one typically does not have to be concerned with memory or software requirements on supercomputer systems that is not the case for desktop workstations. No matter what the computing environment the following are requisites for running MOZART-4:

We have not tested MOZART with any Microsoft operating system. The Apple OS X operating system is suitable for running MOZART. Fortran 90 compilers are part of any supercompter system such as those from IBM, HP, SGI, ... . For desktop systems MOZART-4 has been compiled and is configured to use either the Portland Group, Lahey/Fujitsu, or Intel fortran 90 or 95 compilers. All compilers produce similar execution times with normal optimizations.

In addition to the above software requirements there are hardware recommendations. For desktop systems it is strongly recommended they have at least 2GB of main memory per CPU and at least 50 gigabytes of hard disk storage, with 100-200 GB preferable.

MOZART-4 is an "offline" model in that it requires dynamical and other data to be periodically input during a simulation. The standard dynamical datasets which drive MOZART-4 require about 6 gigabytes of disk storage for a simulation year. As supplied there is a standard output specification that results in about 25 gigabytes of output per simulation year. This is for the standard horizontal resolution of 128 x 64 and 28 vertical levels. Output is for variables that are output on a once a day and monthly basis. MOZART-4 has a preprocessor that among other capabilties allows the user to modify the "standard" output. Thus output could be considerably more than the "standard" 25 gigabyte per simulation year measure.

On currently available 8-CPU linux workstations a year simulation of MOZART-4 takes 2-3 wall clock days. By comparison 64 IBM Power4 cpus will finish a year simulation in about 7.5 wall clock hours.


MOZART-4 is available from the NCAR Community Data Portal. You must first register for the CDP and then request access to MOZART-4.

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